Smart Gift Giving Has Literally Become Smarter! AIs Can Now Help You Find The Perfect Gift

Parent Herald November 30, 09:12 am

The holidays are coming up and one of the things that always gives you a headache is finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Now, a company is offering a way for smart gift giving, literally! With a help of artificial intelligence, you can now find the perfect gift for everyone even the ones who are impossible to find gifts for.

ebo Box is a San Jose start-up company claims they can help you find the perfect gift for just about everyone. All you have to do is set up your profile in ebo box. You give ebo Box your basic information like age, gender, and location. You also give ebo Box the basic information of the recipient of the gift along with information if the recipient is either the indoor type or the outdoor type. ebo Box also asks whether the recipient of the gift is someone who is logical or someone who is creative.

All of your information as the gift-giver and the information of the recipient of the gift is then added to ebo Box’s database. Data collected from you and from general user’s preferences in the market is analyzed through deep learning. The result of the analysis is then the perfect gift.

ebo Box calls the process of using deep learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data collected to find the perfect gift is smart gifting. The founder of ebo Box, Marwan Sledge, says “Artificial intelligence can uncover linkages that humans can’t”.

ebo Box uses NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA to reduce the analysis and computation time from three to five days to just one day. ebo Box is also working to even further shorten the analysis and computation time to just a few hours.

What makes ebo Box even better is that you can select the prize range of the gift(s) you want to give. Not only will ebo Box help you find the perfect gift, it will also help you find a gift that’s within your budget. Now, that’s what you call smart gift giving!

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