'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Rise As Top-Selling Online Games; Have You Joined Its First Global Mission?

By Abigail Seymour, Parent Herald November 30, 06:00 am

Nintendo's "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are collectively this month's top-selling video game in the U.S., beating other game veterans such as "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare." The Nintendo 3DS game has also launched its first global mission ever, calling all players worldwide to join forces and catch 100 million Pokemon as a challenge.

Upon their release last Nov. 18, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are now outselling other popular games in the industry, the Venture Beat reports. Industry insiders credit the games' success to "Pokemon Go," which Nintendo relinquished over to Niantic. Because of Pokemon's revival, the Nintendo 3DS console has also experienced a rise in sales this past month.

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have launched their first ever global mission last Tuesday, Nov. 29. They're calling out all trainers around the world to catch 100 million Pokemon until Dec. 13. Everyone who registered will get 1,000 Festival Coins once the challenge has been accomplished, CGM reports. If not, players still get 100 Festival Coins as a consolation.

Festival Coins can be spent to buy stuff at the Festival Plaza, so it's a good motivation to join the event. To participate, go to the castle at the Festival Plaza. When prompted, choose the "Game Sync" option and create your ID.

Next, register for the mission by talking to the woman standing by the PC and select "global mission." The same woman tells you how many Pokemon you've caught at any moment during the event.

Global missions are the newest feature in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." According to Nintendo, players can expect more missions and rewards in the future.

Have you joined the mission yet? Comment below and tell us how many Pokemon you've caught so far!

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