'Kate Plus 8' Sneak Peek: Family Adds Their New 'Fluffy' Members

By Johanna King, Parent Herald November 30, 12:25 pm

The Gosselins have proven that they're always welcome in adding new members to their tight-knit family, and this is proven in a sneak peek of the upcoming "Kate Plus 8" episode.

In the said sneak peek, Kate and her children have welcomed the two new members into their fold. And the newest members are tiny and covered in fur. "Another change this summer is the addition of two new puppies," Kate said, according to E! Online. "We've been talking about it for years and, finally, they're here."

The kids then introduced the puppies in the cameras that are in front of them, naming them Nanook Juno Gosselin and Mack Jacobi Gosselin. It can be assumed that one was named Nanook based on the term often used by Eskimos to refer to a polar bear while Mack was simply named randomly.

However, having the puppies around their house haven't been easy for all of them, as they explained that their entire summer has revolved around keeping a close eye on them. "I have not slept in my bed once this summer yet. We've been sleeping in the basement, the front living room, wherever the puppies are. Because we have to let them out, like, every two hours of the night," they said.

Fans of the show will have to wait and see how it all unfolds next week. Meanwhile, in the latest episode of "Kate Plus 8" that aired on Nov. 29, the mother of eight mused over the fact that her sextuplets were turning 12, and was determined to make sure that they would have a grand birthday party.

However, it hasn't stopped her from thinking about one of her children Collin, who is set to miss the sextuplets' birthday this year. He was sent by his mother to get treatment for behavioral issues away from home. Although she says it's "tough" for her and the children, Gosselin insists the party must go on.

Watch the sneak peek below:

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