A Student ‘Defies’ Autism Spectrum With An Outstanding Scholarship

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald November 30, 08:40 am

In the University of South Carolina, Jory Fleming is the first student in 16 Years to have a Rhodes Scholarship. A University of South Carolina graduate and a Rhodes Scholarship winner in 2000, Caroline Potter, congratulated him on becoming a successful student and fellow victor of the Rhodes Scholarship. Jory plans on pursuing his major in both Geography and Marine Science with a minor of Geophysics.

According to the University of South Carolina, Jory Fleming intends to study at the University of Oxford with a graduate degree in the School of Geography and Environment. Pursuing his dreams and capabilities, he encountered different training and many types of research in the field of Marine Science and Geography, emphasizing on how to use mapping and its complexity, working with his mentors according to the article in The Post and Courier.

He is also part of the PAALS (Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services) and Cocky's Reading Express the support Science and Literacy Education. With his unique set of skills, Jory Fleming did not just conquer one Scholarship but he also won many grants.

Moreover, he won the 2016 Truman Scholarship, 2016 Goldwater Scholarship, the Abraham Anson Memorial Scholarship, Charles Bussman Scholarship, Insight Disability Scholarship, S.C. Wildlife Foundation Scholarship, USGIF Scholarship and 2015 NOAA Hollings Scholarship. A lot of people were impressed by Fleming's capabilities.

Meanwhile, Jory Fleming keeps his social life engage beyond the school campus and his mobility by using Leg Braces with the help of his mother (Kelly Fleming) and his therapy dog (Daisy) that accompanied him in the school premises. Despite his condition, Jory is an inspiration to the people who have autism.

Jory Fleming was diagnosed with autism when he was still five years old and he suffers a condition that limits his health capabilities. However, Jory still rose to the top and achieved his goals to become a very successful person amid his health struggles.

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