Misophonia: Hating People's Chewing Sound

Parent Herald November 30, 08:46 am

You might be too conscious at someone's awful teeth grinding or lip smacking while eating or even at anything that clicks. Well, it is known as Misophonia. From the news released by Mental Floss last 2013, experts from Amsterdam determined that might categorize Misophonia as the latest mental health problem.

From the 42 people interviewed with same signs, specialists knew that individuals with this kind of difficulty shun people and choose to put some music on their ears to avoid any irritating noise. They become strained every day which provoked them to act unlikely sometimes. But with that having said, other professionals claims that it is another unknown type of mental disease (Obsessive - compulsive or other common anxiety disorders). Those who bear with misophonia have a bigger risk of having dysthymia, or any related to anxiety disorders making it hard to diagnose whether disliking of particular resonance is a missing indication of those or it's findings itself.

Professors Margaret and Pawel Jastreboff who first created a study about this disorder contended that it is a state which can be associated to hyperacusis a sound tolerance mishap. Potentially, people can have this in a wide range if some people may encounter but not be influenced by it on a medically, others are susceptible to poor response.

It was said to be comparatively general. In a test conducted by 500 scholars, the percentage of 20% of them was described notable manifestations of misophonia.

Moreover, it was discovered that it coexisted with anxiety, desolation, and obsessive and compulsive disorder. Because it needs further research in wider instances, the figures may not constitute the average numbers.

These are the triggers of misophonia from Medicine Net:

1. Yawning

2. Slurping

3. Snoring

4. Clearing throat

5. Tinnitus

6. Bipolar Disorder 

You might be still confused about it, but as said by the professionals, it will still undergo on further study.

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