Sex And The City: Cythia Nixon Says Stories On The Show Were Based On Real-Life Experiences

By Johanna King, Parent Herald December 01, 12:48 pm

Cynthia Nixon has revealed that the HBO original series "Sex and the City" was based on experiences that actually happened in the real world.

The star, who played lawyer Miranda Hobbs, reveals in a discussion with fellow actresses Tracee Ellis Ross, Kristen Bell and Michelle Monaghan for NET-A-PORTER's digital magazine The EDIT that the stories seen on the show were based on actual stories from women.

"In the case of Sex and the City, it was that actually women weren't sitting around pining to get married and that was the be all and end all of their existence," Nixon said, according to Digital Spy.

"Now, Sex and the City didn't create that... that was what was happening. But we showed it and all of a sudden, people flocked to it because they were like, 'Yes!'"

The 50-year-old actress explains that everything that the viewers have seen on the show is "artificial," in particular the things that they see in what she described as the three cameras.

Every plotline that was presented on screen, she says, happened to one of the writers or someone they knew directly. "So even though some of them were fantastical and absurd, it was based on a real thing," she said.

In the same discussion, which saw the four actresses discuss ageism, diversity, sexism and gender pay gap, Nixon also divulged that she and her fellow "Sex and the City" co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York) were pressured to stay "thin and look great all the time."

"Sex and the City. In terms of everything, but especially in how it made me view myself and how other people viewed me," Nixon said, according to the Daily Mail. "I'd always worked happily without focusing much on the way I looked, so it was like a whole undiscovered country."

Watch the videos of the discussions below:

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