Disney’s Live-Action 'The Lion King' In The Horizon - To Be Produced At The Same Time As "The Jungle Book" Sequel?

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald December 01, 10:28 pm

Jon Favreau is behind the Walt Disney's animated movie,The Jungle Book that is a live-action-looking family adventure that delighted audiences. There would be a sequel following that. It should already be in the making. However, Disney announces that Favreau would be prioritizing the live-action adaptation of the "Lion King" at the same time.

Robert Legato, the Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor of The Jungle Book, who is recognized due to his masterpieces like Avatar, Titanic, and Hugo has this to say when asked if he is also involved with Jon Favreau for "The Lion King" and if that will go ahead of "The Jungle Book" sequel?

Legato did not hesitate in confirming that production plans on "The Lion King" adaptation follow shortly. In fact, they have started. They just enhanced their strategies a bit better than how they did "The Jungle Book," confirms JoBlo.

"The Jungle Book" experience made Legato into realizing that "The Lion King" is doable in live action. The one human actor of the Jungle Book, Neel Sethi (Mowgli) is featured only half-way through the movie. Animal characters dominated the rest of the scenes that sustained people's interests until the end. Therefore, all the parties involved are convinced that they can do great things with "The Lion King" without a human character.

It compliments "The Lion King" that "The Jungle Book" was launched beforehand. Taking "Mowgli" out of the story is already a good strategy to create a distinction from the Jungle movie to "The Lion King" adaptation.Looking at those scenes without the human character satisfies Legato's scrutinizing eyes, along with the rest of the team.

"Beauty and the Beast" for one opens on March 17, 2017. "Mulan" is scheduled for November 2, 2018. Perhaps Walt Disney's live-action "The Lion King" can now be on the line-up of releases in the immediate future. Jon Favreau's "The Lion King" is likely to take over "The Jungle Book 2," according to Cinema Blend.

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