'Legends Of Tomorrow Invasion' Crosses Over In The Teaser Conclusion And See Which Superheroes Are Joining Force!

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald December 02, 03:05 am

The episodes of "Legends of Tomorrow" is noted to be flamboyant with special effects, colorful installment, and heavy action, comedy, or drama towards the end. This time, it's different. Most characters are taking it easy in the finale which is quite unusual. 

Martin Stein's discovery of the daughter he did not have in the beginning is the kind of conflict connecting planetary disasters with personal crises. Barry's tense moments with other heroes made the rest of the characters wait on how he deals with them particularly Cisco. 

There's also the threat from the Dominators that can make an interesting twist. Will he give up not being sure who can help? This is sure to take up some drama. His team of selfless beings is expected to expand during the finale that can contribute in allowing it to finish with a big bang in this crossover, according to Screen Rant.

Looking at Arrow's 100th episode, Dominators exist in hallucinations in the "Green Arrow". As they escape the alternating reality, they were rescued by the Waverider from the aliens. The Flash, Supergirl, Felicity, and Cisco joined forces to make that happen. Earth was then the subject of attacks by space ships.

The crossover in "Legends Of Tomorrow" Season 2, that airs Thursday on Dec.1 at 8pm  via The CW Network. Invasion! is the title of this episode . It is where Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends hook up together in fighting against the Dominators to hopefully save the Earth. 

The producers make it a point to maintain iconic alliance where they can show that they always take the path less taken that lead to the group of superheroes.Showing the audience of their great sacrifice to go back to the chaotic life where they are needed is a big plus to their power and strength, according to International Business Times.

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