'Westworld' Season 2 Spoilers, Theories & News: After Season 1 Episode 10 Finale, Bernard Resurrects To Find Out Charlotte Is His Daughter?

By Noelle Burgess, Parent Herald December 01, 09:18 am

HBO has previously confirmed that "Westworld" season 2 is happening. Previous reports already claimed that after the current run, the upcoming season will have 10 new episodes and will continue to explore the interesting lives of the show's characters.

The season 1 finale will premiere on Sunday, and as spoilers start to pour in, many have started to predict what can be expected from "Westworld" season 2. It's not a secret that a lot of avid viewers have predicted the current season's storyline quite accurately. With the upcoming run looming, can fans still predict the events of season 2?

"Westworld" season 2 spoilers hint that the upcoming run could focus on the maze in depth. As Fansided reported, the idea of the maze has surfaced every now and then in season 1, but it was never explored thoroughly. The outlet hinted that this plot detail could actually be carried over to "Westworld" season 2.

Another "Westworld" season 2 spoiler hints the connection between Charlotte Hale, played by Tessa Thompson and Bernard/Arnold Weber, played by Jeffrey Wright. Vanity Fair speculated that Charlotte could very much be Arnold's daughter that grew up without her father to eventually run Delos. The outlet pointed out the connection between Albert's Charlie to Charlotte, and how he could actually be the young executive director.

Speaking of Bernard, many fans are also speculating that "Westworld" season 2 could see the return of the robot clone. As fans already know, the last episode showed Bernard putting a bullet to his head after he threatened to have Ford killed. Wright's character is undeniably one of the favorites on the show, so fans are definitely looking forward to his resurrection in season 2.

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