Netflix News & Update: You Can Now Watch Netflix Anytime – Even Offline!

By Cherie Marcus, Parent Herald December 01, 08:50 pm

Netflix and chill is now possible wherever you are, whenever you want it, even without an Internet connection. The number one video streaming service is now available offline as well. Netflix users can now download their favorite movies and TV series for watching at a later time.

According to Gizmodo, users have been clamoring for this feature for several years now. The lack of an offline viewing feature was a major drawback to the streaming service. Since June, there were rumors that Netflix had been working on an offline feature. However, this is the first time that it has been announced.

The implementation, however, does not cover everything in the Netflix inventory. What is only available are a few of the strongest titles including "Orange is the New Black," "The Crown," and "Stranger Things."

Last month, Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer, mentioned the feature in an interview. However, it seemed like it was only going to be rolled out in areas which did not have good Internet connections.

USA Today mentions that other video streaming services have been providing video downloads for a while now. Amazon Prime added the ability to download videos last year. The Amazon service, however, does not have as many good titles in its inventory.

To download video to your mobile device, you should download the latest Netflix app. The app would have a download button which you press to download the given video.

Netflix was founded in 1997 and started out with video rentals by mail. Since 2000, it has done business based on a single-rental model with a flat-fee rate for unlimited rentals. It does not have any due dates, late fees, per-title rental fees, or shipping and handling fees. It started video on demand or VOD and also called video streaming, in 2007. It started to create its own content in 2013 with House of Cards.

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