A Day Well Spent In Parenting Is One Big Accomplishment: Every Effort Matters When It Comes To Raising Children

By Joshua Williams, Parent Herald December 01, 03:05 pm

Life with a child is never the same. Every day is a new day. Taking care of a child's needs and maintaining balance in households, seem like a difficult journey. Eventually, every parent comes out of the process; some may win, some may lose, but they do. They always do.

According to The Spin Off, Holly Walker shares her journey after becoming a mother. Walker who is a native of Wellington New Zealand, tells that she has a hard time keeping up with her parental life. She says that her priority is her daughter and she makes sure that she is taken good care of, but taking care of the house and the stuff inside is less important to her.

She gave the examples of her fence, which is broken and needs to be repaired and of an old Mini Austin Clubman which is rusted from three years and only costing her a renewal each year. Her garden is a never ending shrub. But all that remained lower on her priority list.

But it all seems bearable when a day is well spent with her daughter and partner. A day which has a good start in the form of an excellent breakfast, and afterward going to the park. Park activities were so much fun for her daughter; she enjoyed herself.

At noon she ate her lunch at a cafeteria, followed by a movie evening. Even though her three-year-old daughter Esther couldn't sort out what the movie was about, but still she tried to make her mother feel better.

Later that night they both prepared dinner and had it with a sense of content and togetherness. Holly says that this kind of day tells what parenting is all about when everything seems perfect around their child. Finding Joy also helps a parent who is struggling and think that they might get defeated, there are ways to be positive about parenting and these methods actually assist parents.

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