Donald Trump News & Update: President-Elect Withdraws With All His Businesses To Focus On Presidency

By Ruhn Johnsan Sebial, Parent Herald December 01, 06:17 pm

Last Wednesday President Donald Trump promised that he will remove himself from all his businesses. He will also announce next week on how he will avoid conflicts of interest when he is the president.

According to CNN, on his favorite way of communicating to the public which is Twitter, President Trump announces that there will be a major news conference on December 15 for him to discuss the plans on leaving the Trump Organization.

His adult children will be in charge of the business and will also attend the said news conference.

According to CNN analysis, Trump owned or has a share of position on more than 500 companies. The 150 of these are doing business in at least 25 foreign countries which include Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

There has been a lot of talks that Trump is torn between his businesses and his role as the president. This move certainly shows what side Trump wants to focus. A poll by CNN revealed that 6 out of 10 Americans do believe that Trump is not doing enough to address this issue.

In Trump's tweets, he said that it was not compulsory to leave his businesses as the law state but he feels like there is a need for him to focus on one important thing and that is of being a president.

Trump also added that he is doing this to focus more on the country and make America great again. All the legal documents are still processed and Trump concluded that the presidency is much more important task stated in his tweets.

There are also calls for media for Trump to liquidate his businesses, including the Wall Street Journal. But Trump certainly disagrees and for him, it is a really hard thing to let go. Share your thought on Trump's withdrawal to his business on the comment section.

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