Blake Lively-Ryan Reynolds Update: Actress Rejects Husband's Name Suggestion For Baby No.2; Couple Has Settled On The Right Moniker Already?

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 02, 06:18 am

Ryan Reynolds messed up big time recently when he revealed that they are expecting another baby girl after keeping under wraps that the gender of their second baby. In a new interview, Ryan Reynolds was careful not to spill the beans on the name of their second child but noted that he offered a baby name to Blake Lively but it got rejected.

Vanity Fair reported that Ryan Reynolds wanted to name their first daughter, James, Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds. James is now two years old and recently became a big sister. The "Deadpool" actor shared with CTV's eTalk that he tried again to suggest to Blake Lively what he thinks would be a great name for their second daughter.

Ryan Reynolds shared, "When I ran it up the flagpole with my wife, it was resoundingly rejected. I had the same name, except all of the letters were silent, which was confusing for everyone-especially me-but we settled on the right one." They are yet to reveal what they picked for their second daughter.

Aside from that, Ryan Reynolds talked about when the time will come that his daughters will be entering the dating world. The actor joked that he is doing his part to wipe men off of the face of the planet. He joked more noting that having to see his daughter date guys would be the best thing that could ever happen to a person.

Ryan Reynolds also talked about taking care of two babies and that there was not much shift in their parenting dynamics. He said that there's more to love and more diapers. He also revealed that James takes care of her litter sister and he loves watching them both, E! News reported.

The actor is in Toronto for the SickKids Foundation. He promoted on eTalk that he met a lot of children with cancer and that he has a big audience in that population regarding the "Deadpool" comics. He shared that he never thought children would be interested in reading such and believes that these kids see something wonderful in the character he plays. He revealed that he spends a lot of time with these children.

What do you think is the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's second daughter? Let us know below!

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