Five Effortless Tips for Raising Active Children: Say Goodbye To Introvert kids

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald December 04, 05:02 am

Kids that are introverted might find it hard to socialize and be very inactive both physical and mental. Here are some tips that parent's can use without much effort for their kids to be an active individual.

First is to provide children with options. Children should be exposed to different options for being active through toys, facilities and games. They are more apt to actively participate when variety is offered to them, Discover Good Nutrition says.

Parent's must go outside and play with their children. Plan trips to the park, beach and recreation center. Assist on parent councils to reinforce policies around physical activity at school.

Second is to keep children active daily. For children to embrace a long-term habit of physical activity, they must be active regularly. According to Empowering Parents, children should be physically active every day.

Next is to provide children with choice. Children will guide parents to activities they enjoy if they have a variety to choose from. They are more likely to connect with an exercise, sport or fitness program that they have chosen themselves. Children must be allowed to make their own choices and they will feel empowered for life.

Number four is for the parent to be a role model. Parent's must practice what they preach and become a positive role model for their child. Children respect, look up to and imitate the people that play the largest roles in their lives, so parents must make sure that they are setting a good example.

The fifth and the last tip is to engage in noncompetitive activities. Make any activity fun and children will surely come! Life has enough elements of competition in it. It is not imperative to make all physical activity aggressive with an emphasis on winning.

Every child, however, is special, thus everything done by a parent must be suitable for his children. Above all, what is very essential in raising active children is parent's understanding towards their children's needs.

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