The Best Christmas Gifts: Health And Wellness Gadgets

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Soon after, New Year's will come around. And with that, new years resolutions focusing on health and wellness will be firming up, too. So what better gifts to give than new inventions that will make one's lifestyle and health better?

In this generation, the popularity of wearable, portable, sleek gadgets has been rising. Here ere are 15 gadgets has tried and tested:

1. Sports Wireless Heart Rate Earbuds from Under Armor don't only provide JBL's quality sound; it can also instantly read heart rate from the ears at one touch of a button. These durable earphones are also automatically connected to Under Armor's health and wellness platform.

2. LifeStraw adds a built-in carbon capsule to their Go 2-stage filtration bottle to upgrade their already excellent technology to allow users to refill and drink safe water wherever they go.

3. Lumo Run is a wearable gadget that tracks proper running form to maintain it. It can be synced to a phone and can give real-time feedback on what can be corrected during a run.

4. Sensoria's Smart Running System pairs smart socks that track distance, stride, pace, among other components, and a Bluetooth-connected heart rate monitoring (HRM) bright t-shirt or sports bra. These work together to help the user track their fitness goals while staying safe.

5. Tespo Vitamin Dispenser dispenses vitamins free of artificial ingredients. Its sleek, contemporary design is user-friendly and encourages users to drink their daily dose of vitamins.

6. Updesk Ultra will add luxury to an office. A variety of materials can be used for the desk and its legs. Whatever the combination, they are all a feast for the eyes.

7. HYPERICE Venom is another wearable device that helps back pain and optimizes recovery of injured muscles, through heat and vibrations, which can be controlled from a digital device.

8. Perfect Blend Smart Scale makes recipes that require blending a breeze. When the scale is connected to its App in a device, it shows progress and guides the user to the next step.

9. Motorola Talkabout T600 H20 will come in handy when an emergency strikes. These two-way radios float and are waterproof. Additionally, it features NOAA updates for weather alerts.

10. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 richly tracks daily activity and is an alternative to the FitBit.

11. QCY Wireless Sports Earbuds are perfect for running as they are lightweight, sweat-proof, comfortable, and produce good quality sound.

12. Foobot maintains air quality in a room. It monitors pollutants it detects in the air and suggests solutions in real-time. It also connects to BreezoMeter, which monitors outdoor pollution and tells the best time to clean and open the windows.

13. Cubii is a compact hybrid of the treadmill and elliptical. It goes right under any desk so it can allow exercise anywhere.

14. Apple Watch 2 is one of Apple's latest innovations. It helps one stay active, motivated, and connected. Designed for all the ways, one moves.

            These are gifts that will make the receiver happy. Prices and where to get these items are also on the site linked above. For more gift ideas for your tech and health loving loved ones, also provides great people.

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