Top Fitness and Wellness Experts Reveals What’s Big in 2017

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald December 04, 05:37 am

Being fit and well is the main key to healthy living. In this coming 2017, with the help of America's top wellness and fitness insider and Curate Snacks, everyone is given a chance to change for the better. Their plan proves that fitness is not just for physical looks but also for the mental state of being a balance.

To be fit does not always require too much time. The founder of Cardio High, Mark Goodman said that interval-training workouts are efficient with its very low time consumption. With HIIT (High-intensity interval training) a session of one minute would be equivalent to 45 minutes of jogging said he. And that person now knows that that good workout with less time exist.

Fitness can also be done with experientiality. Jessi Duley of Burn Cycle said that it allows people to completely step away, reset and step back into the hustle and grind with a renewed sense of clarity for their health and happiness.

Appreciating everything in your everyday life can also help you to be fit and well. The feeling of hygge which is the Danish word is to feel emotionally calm and connected said Haley Canning, an author of the blog Nourish your Glow. She also said that a lot of wellness trends are restrictive and that it takes away the usual things in your life and there should be no rules as long as it makes you happy.

Drinking fresh fluids can also assist your lifestyle like Matcha. It contains healthy antioxidants and can boost metabolism with minus the caffeine spike and crash said Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health.  To increase further enhance your experience, you can also use modern day technology. Autumn Calabrese, a celebrity trainer and the creator of 21 Day Fix said that the modes of technology as it continues to climb, will also make fitness more accessible and affordable at the same time and that more people are now able to find something that works for their health and fitness needs.

Being fit can also help you to defend yourself. It enables the body to learn basics of self-defense, most especially for women. According to Jennifer Cassetta, a self-defense expert, one in three women globally will be a victim of some violence and that it would make sense to teach young girls and for women of all ages how to protect themselves.

Resting is also a major factor for staying fit and well. Fitness trainer and blogger Mike Clancy believes that there will be a greater emphasis on the importance of disconnecting and unplugging at bedtime and rest times in 2017 and it is our recovery methods as a general population that is becoming a cause for concern.

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