Parenting Tips: Know the Food You Should Never Feed Your Children

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 06, 09:31 am

Children are highly attached to certain meals ,but these are usually unhealthy. Parents should be keen on choosing the right diet in feeding their child.

The Parents magazine mentioned that certain diets, especially the popular ones, which includes chocolates, sports drinks, fruit snacks, juices and graham crackers should not be given to toddlers.They have become staples for the child's routine, however ,this is alarming and very daunting as they are higher in calories and can cause obesity in children from a very young age.

In the past, sports drinks and beverages were intended for tough athletes and competitors, but now they are also served and used on soccer matches and many guardians trust kids require them, however it's just a myth as it is causing more longterm health concequences.

A bottle of sports drink that weighs no more than 20 ounces which contains a lot of unncessary and unhealthy stuff that children should not be consuming at a young age, for example it has more than eight table spoons, of sugar and a lot of artifical flavors or coloring ingredients that may prove to be dangerous for child's fragile immune system.

Another popular unhealthy food item is Nutella which contains sugar and oil majorly. A serving basically contains 21 grams of sugar, that is more than the five tablespoons that are healthy intakes by American Heart Association. Similarly, the juices that are popularly consumed by children from a very younge age can be very harmful as well.

They claim to be made from real fruit, however, it is basically just fruit concentrate with a lot of added sugar and artifical flavors that basically does more bad than good to your body. Identically, graham cookies, that are regularly served at school are a very unhealthy option for children as well.

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