A New Sexually Transmitted Virus Found in America

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 06, 06:34 pm

Scientist discovered that Zika Virus can be sexually transmitted. It has become a global danger, especially effect the American world. This basically is a sexually transmitted virus, which is why the doctors are strongly recommending that women should avoid indulging in physical
relationship with men who have traveled in those parts of the world where this virus is common.

Surprisingly, the disease is transmitted by mosquitos, which is a huge shock and an alarming revelation at the same time. As the Zika Virus is now an STD, the updated guidance suggest not having sex or using protective measures like condoms while indulging in any physical activity.

When researched upon more, it was also revealed that the components of Zika virus are found in the fluid of the female privates, semen and few other fluids existing in the body as well. However, this virus can only transmit from female to male and male to female only.

Another research report by UpToDate on the issue says that this particular virus belong to the family flaviviruses, the same type of category that includes the dengue as well. Due to the current expansion of the virus, it has been an issue under consideration in the World Health Organization as well. The span, regarded as the 'window period' of Zika virus is defined as the somewhere 2 to 14 days.

It means that it will take these many these for the virus to incubate inside the body. The United States is facing an alarming situation due to the Zika Virus. Apart from the health consequences that are being faced, the country's tourism has been seriously affected by this as well. The situation is just getting from bad to worst and something needs to be
done immediately.

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