The Secret Of Having Well-Behaved Kids: Three Ways To Practice Good Manners In Children

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald December 08, 04:00 am

In the present generation, kids would normally follow trends or what they see on the television and the internet. Thus, it is a great challenge for every parent to train their kids into a well-mannered individual.

Starting small can yield big results later on for parents. If parents follow the steps below, eventually their child is likely to use good manners consistently.

First, the practice would be to stick with the basics but of course, it takes time for children to learn to say "please" and "thank you." According to Parents, every child must be encouraged to say these words as the first step toward politeness and move on from there forward.

Second, parents must practice what they preach. As every parent probably knows by now, kids are always watching, listening and learning from their parents - especially when parents least expect it.

The best way to encourage every child to behave nicely is for parents to model good manners. Among the basic examples for parents would be to say "please" and "thank you," hold doors for others, refrain from interrupting and exhibit whatever other behaviors the parent's like their child to emulate.

Third, parents must accentuate the positive. Rather than scolding when their child forgets their manners, pour on the praise when they are behaving appropriately. Every child must be told that they seem so grown up when they say "please" and "thank you," and that people appreciate it.

Even though it's disappointing when the kids are rude to others, parents who blow up about it could cause their child to resist their efforts to teach considerate behavior. Every parent wants their kids to exert their independence and "grown-up-ness" by showing off good manners - not by refusing to use them.

Finally, all parents must be consistent. As per Babble, as soon as the child is saying "please" and "thank you" at home, parents must make that in public too. Kids like consistency and a rule that applies only to certain situations will be confusing and become difficult to enforce.

Every parent dreams of the polite little child who says "please" and "thank you." After all, their child's behavior reflects them. Manners come easily to some children while others struggle. Understanding the basis of good manners will help the parents teach their child good manners.

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