Scientists Say That White Wine Could Cause Melanoma

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 08, 07:50 am

Scientists recently found out that white wine could cause skin cancer. This research was published on December 6 and ladies are most likely to be affected by it.

In a report shared by The New York Post, scientists at Brown University found a link between white wine drinkers and the risk of getting melanoma by 13 percent through their data using 210, 000 white males and females from 18 years old and above. Apparently, the risk is that high compared to those who are not drinking white wine on a daily basis.

Scientists also found out that an ingredient of white wine is responsible for cancer, which is acetaldehyde. Meanwhile, red wine is safe and has the complete opposite effect from white wine. Red wine has antioxidants, which cleanses away any carcinogenic content that was taken in by the body.

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CBS also reported this research saying that despite the risk that white wine could give to people leading to cancer, Dr. Hooman Khorasani, a resident of Mount Sinai Health System, stated that he doesn't like everyone to stop drinking white wine altogether. He is not convinced about the data that scientists have published to be high enough for people just to forget about white wine.

Researchers of this study didn't just use white wine to came up to a conclusion. They used other alcohols as well such as beer and red wine. But based on what they found out, it is only white wine that gave a higher risk of acquiring melanoma and they still know the reason behind it. They do have a little suspicion about acetaldehyde since its content is greater in white wine than any other alcohol beverages,

Are you convinced about this study and would you be willing to give up drinking white wine in it? Share your opinion in the box below.

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