Are Shaking, Trembling Hands And Legs Normal In Early Pregnancy? Find Out Its Cause And Treatment

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald December 08, 06:45 pm

Pregnancy is a stage of a woman's life in which a new life develops in her womb. While the fetus grows inside the womb and gets its food from mother, the pregnant woman grows weak. During this stage, a woman has to undergo several hormonal changes and her immune system is also suppressed.

It is precisely because of these reasons that a pregnant woman may face several health issues, including shivers and chills. Shivering during pregnancy is a common problem experienced by almost every woman and it seldom has any medical consequences, as per Mums Net.

Even though it can appear at any stage of the pregnancy, it is more common during the third trimester. Shivering during pregnancy mostly occurs when the woman is affected by urinary tract infection.

This type of infection is very common during pregnancy and needs immediate attention. Shivers can also be experienced by women, who are suffering from viral gastroenteritis.

Pneumonia, appendicitis, preeclampsia and salmonellosis are also some other causes of shivers in pregnant women. Women suffering from anemia can also experience shivers.

Sometimes, women may get this as a symptom of common cold or fever. She may also get this when exposed to cold surroundings. If the shivers continue for more than two days, contacting the gynecologist is necessary for the proper diagnosis and treatment, Health Boards says.

Shivering during pregnancy seldom requires any treatment. Consuming adequate amount of fluids is one of the best ways of treating shivers. Apart from water, consuming juice and soups can also help. Drinking cranberry juice is recommended for the treatment of shivers caused by urinary tract infection.

Pregnant women suffering from urinary tract infection should also refrain from consuming caffeine, carbonate, chocolates and citrus foods. This can make the infection even more severe.

When looking for home remedies of shivers during pregnancy, you can also try out drinking ginger tea twice a day. This not just helps in fighting different infections but also boosts the overall immune system.

If the shivering is caused by anemia, eating one or two raw tomatoes can help in fighting the cause of shivering. Including fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet can also help in boosting the immune system, which in turn can help in reducing shivers.

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