Samsung S7 Edge to Come Out in "Black Pearl" Color; Exclusive Only to 128GB Phones? More Rumors on the S8?

By Chris Benjamin, Parent Herald December 09, 05:05 am

Samsung recently announced a new color edition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge called "Black Pearl" and will be available in the market in December. However, only the 128GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will have the new color edition.

According to the Verge, the black pearl version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a glossy finish, similar to the jet black edition of the Apple iPhone 7. the report also mentions that The new Galaxy S7 Edge will be available to "select markets" which was not specified. The new phone hits market stalls on December 9.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge comes in six other colors: black onyx, silver titanium, gold platinum, pink gold, and blue coral. Though the glossy finish looks amazing, it is very prone to scratches. It hasn't been mentioned if the standard Samsung Galaxy S7 will have its own black pearl edition.

The Express mentions striking similarities between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple's iPhone 7 jet black edition since Apple's iPhone 7 jet black edition is only available for the 128GB and 256GB handsets. Apple's iPhone 7 launched in September and has been very popular with Apple customers.

Along with the announcement of the new black pearl new color edition for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, more details on Samsung's rumored upcoming S8 came out, according to the express. In their report, they mention that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have an "all-display" design.

The new rumors say that Samsung plans to remove the bezel around the screen and extend it all the way to the edge of the chassis to give it the "All-Display" design. The glass will also curve around the edge of the phone similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The S8 is expected to come in 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch sizes, like the S7 and S7 Edge. the Samsung S8 will come face-to-face with Apple's iPhone 8, which will be a tribute to the Apple iPhone's 10th Anniversary.

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