'Star Wars' Best Ships and Vehicles Introduced, Some of Them Were Revealed in 'Star Wars: Rogue One" Movie!

By Nathalie Fox, Parent Herald December 09, 11:00 am

"Star Wars" trilogy will show fans a cruel and unstoppable force known as Empire. The galactic force will feature coolest ships and iconic vehicles. Some of those have already been revealed in "Star Wars: Rogue One" movie.

There are characters revealed that players will love or hate. These characters are Darth Vader, The Emperor and Stormtroopers who are militaries with a terrible aim according to Gamespot.

The premiere ship of The Empire is the Death Star. It has a look of a man built moon rather than a ship. It could destroy planets using an exhaust port where it can fire missiles according to Game Up 24.

In Empire Strikes Back, Imperial II class destroyer was first introduced. It is a mammoth Star Destroyer with a size of 1.6 km.

Another ship that was introduced is called the Executor and it is longer than Imperial II. The size of this ship is 19 km long and it is operated by Kendal Ozzel and Firmus Piett who are following the orders of Darth Vader.

The newest ship that is featured in "Star Wars: Rogue One" is Delta Class T 3c Shuttle. It is the imperial shuttle of Director Orson Krenic. This vessel was shown for a second in "Star Wars: Rogue One" trailers.

The most noted shuttle in the original trilogy is Lambda Class T 4a Shuttle. It has the duty to transport important members of the Empire. Usually, the passengers are Darth Vader and The Empire as well as their Royal Guards.

A vessel fighter that was creating a mellow noise is TIE fighters. It is designated to fly in the Universe and it is only considered as a short ranged fighter vessel.

Meanwhile, the Rolls Royce Star Fighter is TIE Advance x1. It works well as it is an advanced prototype vessel and Darth Vader is personally using it. In order to eliminate enemies on the ground, a TIE/sa Bomber must be used. In the original trilogy, the coolest TIE fighter is TIE/In Interceptor and it is commonly used in the Battle of Endor. 


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