The Shocking Truth About Millenial Parents You Wouldn't Expect

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 10, 05:30 am

Scientists found out a new study referring to the number of hours that parents spend every day using their gadgets like smartphones and computers. Apparently, they check on their screens for 9 hours and 22 minutes on average every single day. It is a bit alarming that they have time for that rather than interacting with their kids on a personal level.

In an article published by NPR, it is often hard for parents to keep up with their children's lifestyle due to technology taking over. It is a good start that parents are aware now of the number of hours they are using with their computers checking their Facebook account, updating Tweets and looking at the weather.

This new study according to Common Sense Media used about 2,000 parents whose kids are ages from 8 to 18. Perhaps the worst part of the survey is that the majority of these parents said that they are promoting healthy habits to their kids in the subject of using media the proper way. Clearly, there is no way anyone could prohibit parents to stop using their smartphones and computer so they could focus on their kids.

There is nothing wrong with using them, what's wrong is overusing them. Common Sense Media CEO and the president even said that media and technology are highly relevant in every family's lives. It is essential that everyone in the family is well informed about current events and everything educational. What a family needs, especially the parents, is a balance between having time using the screen of their gadgets and having bonding moments with their kids.

Millenial parents struggle for the most part in handling this issue, and it is scary to think that in their mind, they are doing a great job. If you're a parent and you think you're guilty of spending too much time with your smartphone, maybe it is the time that you put it down and talk to you child. You can always start right now.

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