Homosexuality and Parenting: A Dilemma?

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald December 10, 04:00 am

Sam Oosterhoff, recorded as the youngest elected official, pledged this week as a Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) in Ontario, Canada. He has stunned many with his solidly conservative perspectives.

Mr. Oosterhoff, who was self-taught, has previously taken a stand in opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion while also attacking the sex educational modules. Upon pledging in, the latest MPP splits with his colleague's supervision, who have built significant reforms to embrace a quality stance towards on the LGBT rights according to an article on Pink News.

According to an article The Star, All Families are Equal Act reforms laws to guarantee that same-sex couples who have siblings through surrogacy will have legit recognition and will not go to the court. The proposal revises the prior family law to make authority to parents gender-neutral.

Even though his colleague assists the law, Mr. Oosterhoff pleads that he may have split up with his group of which he had been pledged during the election time. He said the accepting bill" could lead to the legality of the sibling" because of its general concept "the piece of legislation bill is a horrible one." Beyond this upcoming law, approximately four people can be granted parental rights, definitely to satisfy for co-parenting and present family forms.

Mr. Oosterhoff added:"We have to make sure that family law is very child-focused then support the legislation." The MPP also admitted that it was 'an attempt to distract people from the very real, miserable impact they're having on families through soaring hydro rates, lacerate to health care - you name it, right? We can all testify to that damage.

Mr. Oosterhoff shared an article Desiring God titled "Why Homosexuality Is Not like Other Sins" that stated that gay people are going to Hell. It implies that" It's not the only sin mentioned [in the Bible], but majorly different from all the rest, at least right now.

"Homosexuality at this point in history is inclined to the other sins listed in the bible." It continues: "We Christians believe with the deepest integrity that the adoption of homosexual practice, plus the other sins, moves us away from the Kingdom Of God."

"We are strictly opposing of any sin that keeps people out from everlasting happiness in God, and homosexual practice just gets all the press, because it is the very core and newly endorsed sin."

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