A Great Power Comes A Great Responsibilities

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald December 10, 05:30 am

Parenting is constant. It's more likely of a 24/7 job Supposing you throw your baby in the air; you know that he will probably laugh. He will laugh not because of the feeling being dumped in the air but because he knows that you will never let him fall.

Another is that, try thinking you've got your kids down for the night, and they're widely up again. Then you've managed them to stay in their bed, leaving you a pile of dishes and a dirty house to clean according to Huffington post.

According to WebMB, a parent's good relationship with his or her child can be seen based on the child's actions - this includes her son's behavior. Natale explains that if you're not intimate with your child, then it's likely that he or she will not listen to whatever you say to him or her. But if you have a good relationship with him or her, you tend to hear about them more, listening to their opinions and eventually agreeing with them.

According to WebMB, there are ten commandments of Good Parenting. These are some commandments of good parenting.

1. What you do matters. Remember that your child is looking up to you. Everything you do will matter. Especially, the uniqueness of yourself. Or even what makes you differ from others.

2. You cannot be too loving. Loving you child too much may result in spoiling your baby. In which most cases are, your child thinks that he or she is more superior to you or even thinks that he or she is more precise than you, being their parent.

3. Be consistent. If you have set house rules etc. be consistent on whatever consequences may result in disobeying this. For instance, you set that your child should be home before 6. And then he arrives home at 6:01. Be consistent. Even if your child is a minute late, talk to him why he goes home late and let him or her face the consequences. Discipline your child.

4. Treat your child with respect. This is one of an essential commandment of good parenting. How can you expect your child to respect you when in the first place you're the one who didn't respect him or her? Remember; what you do matters.

Let us love our child the way we wanted to be loved. Because love isn't just about the words but the meaning behind it.

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