Samsung Galaxy Note 7 News: Company Takes Final Measures to Prevent Device Catching Fire in Upcoming Update; Stops Production

By Ivy Tongson, Parent Herald December 10, 06:01 pm

Even after Samsung announced the recall of all Galaxy Note 7 back in September, some people are still keeping their devices. To prevent the possibility of another device catching fire, the tech company will be releasing a new update that will solve this problem once and for all.

The tech giant will be taking multiple steps in solving the Galaxy Note 7 issue for different regions. Samsung has confirmed that it will be releasing an update that will help prevent another incident of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire. The new update to be released on December 19 will render the smartphone useless in the US where 7% of users have yet to return the Note 7.

However, one telecommunications provider refuses to apply the update. Verizon said that for emergency reasons, it will not adopt the new update for the Galaxy Note 7.

In Europe, an update will prevent the device to charge more than 30% of its battery after the success of its previous update, which reduced the charging capacity to 60%. It is reported that 10% of Galaxay Note 7 is still unaccounted for in this region. The new update will be released on December 15.

Meanwhile in Canada, the new update will turn off communications including WiFi, Bluetooth and phone calls. Disabling these features renders the smartphone useless. All these steps may be the final measure that Samsung will take to encourage all consumers who are still using the Galaxy Note 7 to return and replace it. The company has permanently stopped its production of the said device.

The Note 7 issue has taken a toll not only on Samsung's image but also in its sales revenue after it recalled its device a few months ago for safety reasons. It is reported that the company's revenue is down by 30% compared to the same period last year.

The company is now creating strategies to repair its damaged credibility and possibly bring back its consumers. Samsung is now focusing on its other flagship devices, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is rumored to be released sometime in April 2017.


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