Doctors Missing Out On Detecting Symptoms Of Heart Disease Lead To Many Maternal Deaths

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald December 10, 06:00 pm

Medical experts found a link between maternal deaths and heart disease. Unfortunately, doctors are being blamed for this problem saying that there is a huge possibility that they missed out on the symptoms of cardiovascular disease in pregnant women.

In an article published by The Daily Mail, data gathered by the National Audit at Oxford University discovered that doctors often miss out on the symptoms of cardiovascular disease during pregnancy. Having said that, it became the leading cause of maternal death since 1980. The amount of women dying of heart-related issues while and after their pregnancy was even doubled over the past three decades.

The concern about this matter even spikes up when doctors ignore the possible symptoms of heart disease because they don't think it has adverse effects on a pregnant woman. What happens when a pregnant woman arrives at a hospital, doctors are accustomed to omitting the possibility that their heart problem could jeopardize their pregnancy situation. Soon as they ignore it, a pregnant woman would be then sent home. This has always been the procedure, and it is bad because doctors won't even get a chance to find out the root of such symptoms of their weak diagnosis.

sufferingsufferingNot all heart disease manifests as intense chest pain and pain or numbness that radiates up into the jaw or down through the left arm. You may only feel light-headed, dizzy, and short of breath without realizing your heart is at risk.

With the help of the Internet, anyone could now be informed of the symptoms of cardiovascular problems. This comes in handy for pregnant women. According to EmpowHER, some of the symptoms could include feeling light headed and shortness of breath. If you become dizzy simply getting up from your chair, then there is a chance that your heart is at risk. It is best to do your part in maintaining your heart to be in condition.

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