Asperger's, Autism, ADD, AD/HD Are Just Labels Of Conditions That Can Be Overlapping - It Pays To Deal With The Symptoms Instead

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald December 13, 09:17 am

Some parents would rather deal with Asperger Syndrome than autism if their child is diagnosed as such but there's really not much difference because an autistic child can have Asperger's symptoms and vice versa. It is more important to be vigilant on the child's behavior than studying the details of the label that might lead parents to misunderstand what their child has.  

Researchers claim that adult life can be affected by many depressing circumstances in employment, independent living, and social connectives. Their progress or impairment cannot be compared from one with Asperger's and another with Autism. One can be indistinguishable from the other when the child becomes a bit older like in high school. The initial diagnosis when the affected child is still young cannot predict her or his disability as an adult, according to Psychology Today.

Going by the book  with the doctor's diagnosis can be confusing as well. especially when the kid diagnosed having an autism can do something that most children with the condition can't. It is wrong for a parent to comment that the doctor has misdiagnosed the child because symptoms do overlap. 

Doctors might need to get the label of the condition to give medications but whether they are right or wrong pills, parents can attest that they are mostly trial and error. The progress of the child would still depend on how observant carers at home are. AD/HD or ASD? If the child is driven to play video games deeply depriving himself of sleep, does it matter if his diagnosis is AS or ASD?  Does an EFD diagnosis or executive functioning disorder require different interventions than an AS diagnosis?

While it is true that Asperger's syndrome has less severe symptoms than autism like the absence of speech delays - that might be the only advantage. Sometimes it can be dangerous if a child with Asperger's is perceived as a normal child behaving badly, says Autism Delaware

People must not tolerate hierarchy within diagnoses that often become a self-fulfilling predictor. Regardless of the label, parents need to capitalize on the children's strengths and bridge or supplement their growth where they need it. That is the best approach in dealing with children's mental illness.

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