Considerations In Determining A Midweek Overnight Parenting Time Schedule

By Wayne Parker, Parent Herald December 12, 05:50 pm

The United States Court has stressed out the importance of good parenting in the case of particular parents having no proper parenting schedule for their child which resulted in a lack of homework participation.

The court mentioned that the child should be thought that education is one of the most important aspects of life and that tending homework, test preparation and general scholastic readiness should be taken with a high priority on their schedule.

"Back and forth parenting time could cause the child to incur a significant distribution and a loss of appropriate focus on meeting scholastic responsibilities," the court suggested. And that it would harm the child's best interests like the many issues that arise in a family law matter given that each child and family is different from one another or unique.

The court emphasized that parenting means more than simply counting the hours and minutes that a child stays under a parent's roof but also involves each parent meeting his or her responsibilities during such a time rather than unilaterally passing it off onto the other parent. Put another way; a parent cannot insist on only taking the children for parenting time while siphoning out the parenting obligations which naturally continue to exist during such times. If a parent wants midweek overnight parenting time during a school year, that comes with all of the academic responsibility and other midweek obligations, in one integrated package according to a report on Mondaq.

"Although the primary parent's testimony was persuasive there were evidentiary obstacles insofar as how common the deficiencies that were complained of really were. Was this a situation where the child only missed 1 out of 10 assignments or a situation where the child's backpack was not even opened with nothing done at all?" The court questioned. Evidence could have been presented by school records, testimony from teachers, lower test scores or any other proof of the children's lack of readiness on Fridays, as compared with other days when the children are in the care of the primary parent, the court noted as cited on

In the end, the court found insufficient evidence to which the midweek overnight parenting time should require immediate elimination. The family did, in fact, receive necessary protocols to aid them to deal the issue of their child's homework. Having experienced the case, it was derived that seeking the attention of an experienced counsel is the best way to resolve a major problem.

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