'Apple Watch 2' Is Using An Old Hardware With Added Features; Apple Watch 2 and Nike+ Reviewed

By Troy Woodridge, Parent Herald December 14, 05:59 am

"Apple Watch 2" is the 2nd release of the Apple Watch Series, a sports watch made by the Apple company. Reports show, though there are new features added on the new "Apple Watch 2," its hardware specs remain unchanged.

According to the report of Fox News, the "Apple Watch 2" is still using the hardware found on the first Apple Watch, which was released back in April 2015. Among the obvious change on the new "Apple Watch 2" is the thickness and due to a larger battery compared to the previous version.

The new gadget was reviewed and it was confirmed that the "Apple Watch 2" is even more faster compared to the 1st series. The "Apple Watch 2" also features a built-in GPS and is also a waterproof for more protection and durability.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Nike+ was compared to the "Apple Watch 2" series. It says that the Nike+ only offers a minimal difference compared to the "Apple Watch 2" because they both offer a sporty type of features.

As per the Apple Insider, the Apple Watch Nike+ will have a couple of variants. There a total of 4 styles with 2 sizes to choose from. The high-tech sports watch can be bought between $370 to $399 depending on the size, where it was confirmed that these Nike+ has an identical feature to the "Apple Watch 2."

A press released by the Value Walk featuring the 4 advertisements of the "Apple Watch 2." The commercials are just about 10 to 15 seconds long featuring the unboxing of the "Apple Watch 2" with a tagline "The Gift of the Go."

One of the four videos features the Apple Watch Nike+ that shows the Nike+ Run Club application. Since the release, both Apple Watches gained a lot of success on the market, record shows that both of the Apple Watches earned high sales specially at the start December.

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