Researchers Discovered New Facts About Fats

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald December 14, 05:55 pm

In the older times, it was thought that people who are fat are unhealthy and overweight develops life-threatening diseases. It was also considered as the main reason for a heart attack if an obese person ever suffered one.

But as time passed by and science has leaped ahead, researchers have found different facts than those stated by the elders. Now fats may have harmful effects, but this cannot be taken as a rule of thumb. Researchers have found proof that will surely clear up some common misunderstandings that most people have regarding fats.

The University of Bergen in Norway did a research and discovered that men who are overweight, their diet was more in either fat cells or carbohydrates. This increased the chances of heart-harming diseases like diabetes.

If one wants to stay in perfect shape, then they must control the intake of roasted content as dishes that have a lot of carbs are the actual reason behind obesity. If the intake of fat is kept high, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Diets that include high-fat have produced noticeable upgrade and advancement in cardiometabolic prospects like blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, blood lipids, insulins and ectopic fat storage.
It has also been found out that a key reason for obesity was low quality of food, according to The Sun.

However, it was thought that saturated fat increases the risk of heart attack as it raises the amount of harmful cholesterol LDL in blood but further researches produced a different result, scientists found no increase in LDL, but they found an increase in HDL (good cholesterol).

The Web MD suggests the results like this show that saturated fat is not harmful as if the amount of intake is kept balanced the energy consumption is not too much it may be healthy and good for health.

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