Three Handy Tips To Help Parents Identify And Encourage Their Children’s Interest

By Sammuel Larson, Parent Herald December 14, 07:05 pm

Research reminds parents of the essential role of question-asking in identifying and developing children's interest. Here are three handy tips that can help parents encourage their children to pursue and succeed in what they want to do.

Children are inquisitive by nature. As they grow in age, their interest to learn about the many things they see and hear also increase. This is best depicted by children's heightened curiosity and the tendency of asking broader questions that are sometimes difficult to answer.

An article published by a renowned psychologist Michelle Chouinard reports that during an active child and adult interaction, kids can ask an average of 76 questions per hour. Parents must be patient and should grab the chance to create a learning opportunity for their child using the following tips.

First is responsive. According to English Mathrubhumi, parents who become too occupied with work fail to pay attention to their children. Parents must understand that when children feel that they are ignored, they become disappointed. This feeling might eventually push children towards resentment and withdrawal.

Children enjoy animated response from adults. Being responsive to their interests make children feel loved and encourage them to become enthusiastic and interactive.

Next is allowing children to test the waters. At times, parents get too confident that they know what's best for their children. Parents should know that it is unfair to expect that children will have fun with any activity so long as their parents chose it for them. According to Childhood 101, children and adults must work together to decide on learning experiences that are both interesting and promotes learning for children.

Finally, parents must learn to follow their child's real desire. Often, parents tend to take the sports, skill of profession they love and push their children to follow their steps or succeed in their stead. Parents should not confuse what they want with their children are interested in doing.

Child rearing is difficult. But if parents can identify the natural interest of their children, they can support them all the way to their success.

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