‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 Updates: Crazy & Intense Finale As Green Meanie Gets Revenge? Brock To Do A Risky Surgery on Munsch?

By Sophie Lawrence, Parent Herald December 19, 05:00 am

The Fox series, "Scream Queens" is about to air its finale episode entitled "Drain The Swamp" on Dec. 20. As the viewers get ready to bid goodbye to the suspense series, check out the latest spoilers about the finale. It is also time to wonder if the series starring Emma Roberts, Kirstie Alley, Taylor Lautner, and Lea Michele.

Episode 10 of Season 2 will be an explosive and crazy ending that will feature more murders as posted in US Blasting News. Apparently, revenge will be the major theme of the final episode as the villain; Green Meanie will be all set to cause jeopardy to everyone. With that information, it is probably safe to assume that the season-ender will see more deaths for the patients in the CURE Institue.

As to who will end up dead and who will survive is a question that will only have answers on the shows impending finale. Another spoiler reveals that Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos) will be seen performing a risky surgery that will put the life of Dr. Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) in danger. Then Hester (Lea Michele) is another one to watch out for as she will supposedly do something very bold and it has something to do with ensuring her future.

After the finale, the next question on everybody's mind will be about the show's fate. Is the "Scream Queens" that is steadily suffering from low ratings bound for cancellation?

 Or will the viewers get to see a Season 3 for "Scream Queens," a show that relatively received critical acclaim during its run? According to Release Date Info, Fox channel as well as the showrunners are yet to announce any information about what is in store for "Scream Queens," so fans have to wait for now.

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