Why Children In The US Are Happier And More Active Than Kids From Other Countries

More friendly, socially interactive, rash and potentially happy — these words best describe what babies born in the United States are, as compared to the infants in other parts of the world. A recent study compared the behaviors and attitudes of babies from twenty-three different countries across the globe and found that American babies were generally more cheery.

This difference can be attributed to a number of factors. More generally, American children are brought up under the huge influence of the banner of freedom that hails under the American flag. This freedom creates children who are highly sociable and more often than not, extroverted.

The study also included Chile, Poland and South Korea, for these three countries provided the chance to compare the behavior from both the East and the West and the communist and nonconformist places. Questionnaires were handed over to the mothers who were supposed to record a great range of behavioral aspects of their babies' personalities at the tender age of six months and then at one year.

Psychologists have linked the differences in the babies' behaviors to their parents' natures and personalities, as well as the environment in which the infants were raised. It was also discussed that an understanding of the features, which affect the babies' temperaments and attitudes will help parents in coming up with better ways for childcare, according to Time.

These ways would eventually allow the parents to raise their kids in ways that are socially and culturally proper. According to North Korea Times, the babies from Chile were found to be very physically active and they displayed short attention spans since they couldn't focus on a single task for a long period of time. This was in stark contrast to the South Korean infants who exhibited impressively long attention spans and were not very much involved in physical activities like running.

These babies were also easily calmed down by cuddles, which they were very fond of. The babies from Poland, on the other hand, were not very cheery, happy, and gave a hard time to whoever tried to pacify them when they cried.

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