Boy Scouts Of America News: One Transgender Boy Ousted From NJ Cub Scout Group, Organization Says They Refer To Birth Certificates

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 29, 10:34 am

A transgender boy was not allowed to join a New Jersey Cub Scout group because he was born a female. The Boy Scouts of America issued a statement saying that they refer to the birth certificates of those who want to be part of the organization.

New York Daily News reported that the transgender boy, Joe Maldonado, who is eight years old, loves to camp, hike and have barbecues. He said that he joined the Pack 87 of the Boy Scouts of America New Jersey chapter in late September and that his identity was not a secret.

A month later, his mother, Kristie, said that the dreams of the transgender boy of learning more about nature and other things taught while being part of the Boy Scouts of America were crushed. The reason? An official called them saying that her son was no longer welcomed because only boys are allowed to be part of the group.

Kristie pointed out that she explained the situation of her son but the official, who was not named, did not listen. The official reportedly took the explanation as a joke.

Maldonado said that he was born as Jodi but has identified as a male. He legally changed his name two years ago and was able to cut his hair short after coming out as a boy during second grade. The parents of the other Cub Scouts, not his fellow scouts, reportedly led the ousting of Maldonado.

Commenting on the matter, Yahoo reported that Marie Keisling, the executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Cub Scouts is not in place to discriminate. The Boy Scouts of America, however, released a statement via their director of communications, Effie Delimarkos.

Delimarkos said that Maldonado did not meet the requirements for eligibility that is why he was ousted. He noted that they comply with the information on the birth certificate of an individual as well as their biological gender.

Maldonado's mother is not closing the doors regarding pursuing legal action against the local chapter. She also says that she is waiting for an apology or maybe something that will change the policy in order for her son to be accepted as well as other transgender boys who want to be part of the group.

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