Down Syndrome Abortions After Prenatal Test Eliminating Relationship Benefits?

By Grace Jones, Parent Herald January 02, 08:36 am

People are different but those with Down syndrome should not be considered outcasts. Expectant mothers can take a prenatal testing to determine if the baby is at risk of the condition. Even though abortion can be an option, it is often not the best solution.

Prenatal testing for Down syndrome is intended for families to prepare themselves in accepting the situation. This way, it allows them to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate the new member. Troubles occur when life with Down syndrome is portrayed wrongly. Contrary to many speculations, a child with the condition can live normally. They can tie their shoes, go to college and be happy. Like an unruly child, parents must have patience.    

Despite the educational campaign on autism, medical practitioners should recommend prenatal testing if the fetus in the womb is likely to get the condition. When pregnant women are aware of the baby's disability before birth, it prepares them emotionally, physically and financially, says Life News.

However, in considering the option to abort, women should also know the "Down syndrome advantage." Vanderbilt University reveals that from 1990 to 2002, rates of divorce among couples with a Down syndrome child is a lot lesser than those with normal children at 7.6 percent while no disability is 10.8 percent and with other disabilities is 11.2 percent. It is sad that due to ignorance, Down syndrome-related abortion rate is surging high between 75 to 92 percent.

It cannot be denied that raising a child with Down syndrome is challenging but the benefits balance the circumstances - especially with other siblings. Maturity, developing effective communication and social skills are evident to the other children, as compared to a child with down syndrome. They are aware and supportive of the difficulties seen, which makes them more considerate to others, according to the National Down Syndrome Society.

The number of mothers who tend to resort to an abortion is cut in half after they receive counseling on the realities of the condition and how to deal with it. That is why prenatal testing must not be considered compulsory for every pregnant woman unless it endangers the life of the mother.

Meanwhile, the article on Life News also highlighted the fact that women deserve "the dignity of informed consent" and patient-centered care. Do you think women deserve to know the truth about Down syndrome and prenatal testing? Sound off below. 

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