'All We Had' Movie About Survival And Redemption From Being Homeless; Did Not Sit Well With Critics At All!

By Paul Urban, Parent Herald January 04, 04:47 am

Life can be extra challenging for people. It is bad enough to be in an abusive relationship, but to make things worse, moving out with almost nothing makes things more complicated. Starting over again with nothing but an old beat-up car and teenage daughter is what the movie "All We Had" is all about.

Both mother and daughter escape the abusive relationship. While this brings comfort as abuse in no longer a problem, their patience and tenacity are tested as they set off on a journey to somewhere unknown for the purpose of rebuilding their lives.

The highlight of the movie "All We Had" was when the car broke down in a small town. This is the beginning of twists and turns of the movie. The mother has no other choice but to work as a waitress in a diner. The diner then provides comfort and refuge to both mother and daughter because it paves the way for friendship that both never expected.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the local diner is where they develop family. This is what the movie "All We Had" will showcase. The owner of the diner named Marty and Pam who is transgender becomes Ruthie's (daughter) closest friends.

The movie "All We Had" is inspirational basing it on how the story went. However, technical aspect of cinematography and execution did not sit well with critics. The movie only had a score of 40 percent with 5.2 average points out of a possible 10.

Sheila O'Malley of RogerEbert.com and also a top critic said that with her well-meaning desire to create an inspirational story of survival and redemption, Holmes has kept the entire film extremely low-stakes. Another Top Critic Tina Olszewski of TheWrap said that the movie "All We Had's" plot turn plays as either too convenient, to uncharacteristic, or too undercooked.

The movie "All We Had" was released (limited) on Dec. 9, 2016. The movie which stars Katie Holmes as Rita Carmichael, the struggling mother; Stefania Owen, the daughter who found family in the diner; Luke Wilson as Lee; Richard Kind as Marty; Mark Consuelos as Vic and many more according to Movie Insider.

The movie is also directed by Katie Holmes herself. This directorial stint of Holmes may be the start. She still has a lot of room for improvement which makes for a promising, more interesting and well-improved movies from her.

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