Adoptees And Birth Families Can Now Access Birth Registration Information In Saskatchewan

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 04, 05:41 pm

The Canadian province, Saskatchewan, just introduced a new legislation, making it easier and simpler for the adoptees to get information about their birth registration. This law will enable those people who were adopted at birth, as well as the birth parents, to attain knowledge, which was previously unknown to them.

As per The Regina News report released on Jan. 1, parents and adoptees can apply to get this information. This will include the listed parents' names, the child's name at birth and the location or hospital of birth.

Initially, it was required to obtain consent if someone wanted to apply to get this information. However, this is not necessary anymore. This has made access to birth registration information much easier than before and these new changes were made in Saskatchewan in February 2016.

The changes were introduced due to the constant requests by adoptees, their birth families and their adoptive families. They wanted enhanced access to the information, according to Social Services Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor.

Beaudry-Mellor also informed that these changes not only fulfilled the desire of the people wishing to know more about their background and history but it is important in making such people's connections to their cultures at birth stronger. People would understand themselves and their history much better by this new legislation, if they wish to, the minister said in an interview.

Despite the many advantages of this new law, Government Of Newfoundland And Labrador said the adoptees still hold the right to file a veto against this legislation. Similarly, the birth parents also reserve this right. To register a complaint against this, the birth parents or adoptees can contact the officials at the phone numbers provided or go to the province's website to find more information about the new legislation and how to file a veto against it.

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