Couple With Down Syndrome Proves ‘Love Is The Greatest Thing’ As They Tied The Knot In The Most Magical Way

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 06, 09:22 am

Joe Minogue is not your average Joe as well as his bride, Polly Gibson, as the couple has Down syndrome and they got married in the most magical way possible. Complete with a unicorn and a cake covered in sprinkles, the two told their guests that love is the most important thing.

The couple with Down syndrome tied the knot in May of last year at the Brewerstreet Farmhouse in Surrey, England. Two hundred guests, including family and friends, attended their big day and called their union as "WedFest." Huffington Post reported that the ceremony had singing waiters, colorful decorations and a lot of dancing as they both love singing and dancing.

Gibson and Minogue's wedding was featured on "Rock N Roll Bride" and Gibson said that they chose their favorite songs to be played on their special day, as per Daily Mirror. She noted that her husband walked down the aisle with his brothers with the song, "You've Got a Friend in Me," playing in the background.

As for her, she walked down the red carpet with the song, "When You Wish Upon a Star." They also played "I Do, I Do, I Do" before saying their vows while their song after the ceremony was "I'm A Believer."

The mother of Gibson, Janet, said that the couple has an amazing connection and are at ease with each other. She noted that they always check on each other and help one another. She referred to her daughter as the bossy one while Minogue was described as down to earth.

They couple with Down syndrome first met at Central Sussex College where they were both students. That was back in 2008 and Gibson said that they were instantly attracted to each other.

Gibson then went on to talk about her advice for other couples especially to young adults with special needs. She said that they should live the dream, believe in themselves and know that anything is possible. She also hopes that their love story will inspire others.

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