Top Education Magazine TES Wants Teachers To Brainwash Students Against Brexit And Donald Trump

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 10, 04:00 am

A top education magazine called TES was asking teachers to use their position to brainwash children against the Brexit and president-elect Donald J. Trump. The author of the article, Oliver Beach, said in a statement that the incidents last year were frightening.

On his TES article, Beach said that the remarks of Trump have the ability to "divide, outrage, exclude, and terrorize" so he's worried about the future of the young people since they are looking for a role model. He also called the voting of Trump and the Brexit success as decisions based on lies. Beach added, "The real problem rests not with the lies, but with the idea that anyone might accept them as truth."

Beach noted that the global impact of the Trump era is not yet seen but he assured his readers that it will be global. He cautioned his readers that despite not being based in the United States, the decisions of Trump and his administration will definitely affect them even if it is not directly. He cited Trump's take on guns, women's reproductive rights and building a physical national border might just make other countries do the same since they believe that they could also do such because Trump is able to.

He also said that teachers now have to cover a vast curriculum so they do not have time to entertain questions from students. He then urged educators to change it, noting that the importance of young people being empowered and encouraged to challenge and question should not be understated.

Breitbart added that Beach, a former reality TV Star, said teachers have become complacent in believing that progressive politics will continue to sweep the United States. He urged teachers to combat a reactionary counter-revolution. He also said that the world "does not need more Trumps, Nigel Farages or Marine Le Pens" instead, it needs more "Martin Luther Kings, Rosa Parks and Harvey Milks."

He concluded that echo chambers, post-truth proselytes or sycophants should be rejected. Beach also said in his parting words that teachers are "essential if they are to emerge."

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