Woman Tries To Enter Hospital Nurseries With Newborn Babies; Pierce County Medical Centers On High Alert

Newborn babies were at risk after it has been reported that a woman has been visiting hospitals in Pierce County in Tacoma, Washington. She was trying to reach the nursery where the babies are placed and that is why an alert was issued but no arrest has been made.

According to The News Tribune, police officials were notified about the woman who tried to reach infants in birth centers. The woman was described as black and was said to be in her mid-30s or early 40s. The woman was escorted out of the hospitals she tried to access. She did not touch or took any baby but it remained unknown why the woman wanted to enter the hospitals' units with newborn babies.

The last hospital where the woman was spotted was at the Tacoma General Hospital last Friday.Those who visit Tacoma General Hospital's birth center have to sign in and show identification. The woman was unable to give any identification so she was escorted out of the center.

Another hospital that the woman tried to visit was the St. Joseph Medical Center. Maggie Leuzarder, a spokeswoman, said that the health, safety and security of their patients is their number one priority. She added they are now monitoring the situation and are taking the proper measures to ensure the security.

Q13 Fox also reported that Pierce County hospitals' officials have sent emails to their staff members to remain vigilant and be on alert regarding the woman. The security in the Tacoma General Hospital, Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center and MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital have all been increased.

The woman was seen in a surveillance video but the police said that she has not been charged yet so her face was not shown. She was also not identified as a suspect by the Tacoma police.

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