Louisiana Teachers Have Divided Opinions Over Nominated Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 20, 11:27 am

Incoming U.S. President Donald Trump recently decided to designate Betsy DeVos as the Education Secretary of Louisiana.  This has generated quite some buzz among the educators. Criticism started pouring in for the President-elect soon after he picked DeVos, a huge supporter of charter schools.

Even Louisiana Association of Educators president Debbie Meaux also expressed anger on this decision. According to the president, the greatest place for education is in public schools and the new education secretary is not well-known for her policies and approach regarding public education.

The educators are divided among themselves as to who are in favor of and against DeVos. The supporters present the claim that significant enhancements need to be made to improve the public school system in Louisiana. Critics debate that privatization of the public education is essential and vouchers have been unsuccessful in fulfilling their promises, Time Money reported.

As a result, the educators in Louisiana, especially in the Secondary Board of Education, have divided and opinions. The teachers are divided into two groups with their contrasting views about the newly nominated education secretary.

The greatest concern, however, is being raised by the Democrats and the activists. They are of the strong belief that Betsy DeVos' conservative Christian beliefs can possibly adversely affect minority and LGBT pupils.

The Advocate stated an outrage is expected by the teachers if the nominee is selected to serve at that post. Massed believed she is under-qualified for the job as she is no longer a proper educator.

Some went to say her nomination has to do something with her extreme wealth and status. But many believed that DeVos has previously backed up all kinds of education and should be given a chance.

What are your thoughts on Betsy DeVos' appointment? Please feel free to share your comments below. 

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