Study Warns Browned Toast, Crispy Roast Potatoes Might Trigger Cancer Development

Government food scientists released a new study regarding the best way to eat bread and potatoes in order to lessen the risk of getting cancer from the chemicals present whenever these two foods are cooked in such a way they are browned. The scientists advised bread and potatoes should only be cooked to a golden yellow color.

BBC reported whenever starchy foods are roasted, fried and grilled for too long at high temperature, the substance called acrylamide is produced. The Food Standards Agency added if starchy foods are browned, it would increase the risk of getting cancer.

Another advice from the Food Standards Agency concerns potatoes being kept in the fridge as researchers noted this habit should be broken because sugar levels increase in the potatoes at low temperatures. If the sugar levels increase, the amount of acrylamide also increases so this would lead to more acrylamide produced when the potato is cooked.

Acrylamide is found in coffee, cakes, biscuits, bread, vegetables and chips. The combination of water, sugar and amino acids causes the browning of the food. Hence, acrylamide, a natural by-product of the cooking process in the foods stated above, is produced. For the toasted bread, the darker the color means more acrylamide is present, Telegraph reported.

The Food Standards Agency noted they do not exactly know yet how much acrylamide can be tolerated by a person but eating too much of it would trigger the development of cancer. Research in animals showed acrylamide is toxic and causes cancer but there has been no proof yet if the same would happen to humans.

Acrylamide exposure is not limited to higher risk of cancer as it also affects the nervous and reproductive systems. Acrylamide is also present in tobacco so smoking exposes people to the substance three to four times more compared to non-smokers.

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