Concept Of Beauty: How It Evolves In The Eyes Of A Child

By Nymfa Aranas, Parent Herald January 31, 10:23 am

It amazed me how my little daughter's outlook on beauty transcended the skin deep or superficial level. She had in mind, indeed, that all good people are beautiful. The idea must have come from mom or dad.

As parents, we have this privilege of shaping our children's beliefs and opinions on almost everything. As our kids, however, get exposed to the bigger world of friends, media and entertainment, we are out to see the competition.

Just out of curiosity, with no intention to compare or be critical, I wanted to know whether my daughter's exposure to diverse environments has changed her perspective of beauty or not. I tried to casually make a survey by asking her, "Do you think this person is beautiful? What about x or y... or this and that person? Why do you think she is beautiful?"

To some of my questions, my daughter gave outright "Yes" responses. To the rest, she gave a rather indifferent reply, "Not really."

Now it seems my daughter has adopted a new concept of beauty. She actually thinks that those people with fair complexion, those who wear makeup and nice jewelry are beautiful. Those who are fat, or with dark complexion, she finds rather unattractive.

At the end of the day, I thank God that I still have the greater responsibility of teaching my child which is right or wrong, absolute or relative. Beauty is just one aspect that is relative. How can I let my child be lured by vanity and superficiality?

I may go on to explain that fads, fancy makeup and dangling earrings are mere accessories, and that real beauty comes from within. But then in the end, I only win if I am able to let my action speak louder than words and if I see that she's growing not necessarily as a beauty queen material but "confidently beautiful with a heart" as the famous line of the outgoing Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, goes.  

What do you think moms out there?

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