The Lego Accessory that lets you build Unlimited Lego Worlds

Parent Herald February 01, 11:54 pm

Nourishing children's creative potential is part of a parent's job. Give your children the best chance possible to develop their creativity. Even at a young age, children begin developing intellectual abilities. Especially in today's competitive environment, a sense of creativity will be invaluable for your child as he or she grows. Many parents allow their children to watch TV or play video games because it takes less effort. But shouldn't we put in the extra effort to help them grow creatively and intellectually?

This is the thinking behind this original Lego accessory from Mako Toys that helps Lego-lovers of all ages build Lego worlds like never before.

We are now offering a 20" x 20" baseplate that can serve as the base for your Lego creations. This 32x32 peg board allows your child to build everything from a castle to an alien world. Before you begin calculating how large of a world your child can build, note that we include 4 baseplates per package. These plates are easily joined together with Lego pieces, resulting in an 80" x 80" canvas for your child's wildest creations.

The Lego Baseplate boards come in blue and green, and fit Lego-style pieces from all different brands. The Lego Baseplate will also work with Duplos, Tyco, Mega Bloks, and more.

This is the perfect birthday toy, Christmas toy, or "I love you" toy for the special child in your life. There is a look of pride in a child's eyes when they bring things from their imagination to life. Help nourish this creativity with our high-quality Lego baseplates.

Order your Lego Baseplate (includes 4 pieces) on for only $18.95. Order today with coupon code MKT10OFF and get an additional 10% off.

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