Bull’s-eye – Finally, ActionDart is Darts Without Holes in the Wall!

Parent Herald February 02, 12:07 am

When you have family and friends over, one of the greatest ways to bring competition into the fold in a friendly way - while empowering hours of good family fun, is darts.

If you have kids, turning them on to darts, and watching their energy fly as they sail darts through the air is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Darts is a game that keeps your kids away from videogames and screens, teaches them hand-eye coordination, and keeps them enthralled for hours of fun.

The same is true for parents, adults and co-workers, a game of darts is a great way to commune, take a break from the droll and trudging pace of work, and create a amicably competitive atmosphere.

The problem is, conventional dart sets are plagued by two major problems. First, their sharp tips pierce - whenever a dart flies astray - into wood, drywall, or many other surface types, causing damages that can be very costly.

Second, dart sets that try to counteract this problem end up forcing players to throw so hard, or rely on a sub-par magnetic surface to a point where the game is not fun. This all but squashes the potential darts can have of bringing people together for family fun, office camaraderie, or as a great kinetic activity for kids.

That's why ActionDart is revolutionizing the way that people play darts.

ActionDart is a kid-safe 16-inch dartboard that also makes a huge splash at the office - all without harming the walls around you. Whether you want to spice up an office party, or have a fantastic family game night, ActionDart will reduce the fatigue of playing drafts, and is outfitted with safety tips that reduce and eliminate the possibility of injury when followed.

Here's how ActionDart works:

ActionDart dart tips are made of soft plastic. They're safer for children and won't damage your walls. The competitive advantage, both for ActionDart - and you as the player - is that ActionDart has been designed to make sure your dart sticks to the board when it makes contact. How many times have you played darts where a flimsy tip and weak board setup ruin your throw, if not the whole game?

Magnetic dartboards suffer from the same problems. If you're throwing a dart at a high speed, how can you expect a magnet to snap its fingers and cause your dart to stick to the board?

ActionDart is a high-quality dartboard and dart set that provides an exhilarating experience - all while falling under a competitive price that makes it an easy investment for your office, your home, and especially for your kids.

Plus, you can purchase right now and enjoy a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, contact ActionDart and you can be refunded for your purchase.

To order your ActionDart dartboard game set, and bring both your professional and family environments alive, click the link below. It's that simple.


Hours of fun await! Order your ActionDart set, today!

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