Desperate, Terrified Mother Turns To McDonald's Drive Thru For Help To Keep Two-Year-Old Daughter From Father

A mother was desperate to keep her daughter from the child's father and was terrified that she asked an employee at a McDonald's drive-thru to take her daughter. However, the father of the child was still able to get the two-year-old from the employee.

The CCTV video showed a couple inside a vehicle ordering at the drive thru. Seconds into the video, the woman was seen escaping from the car and the man keeping her from walking away from the vehicle. After much struggle, the woman was able to go near the window of the drive-thru and USA Today reported the employee told the woman to give the child to him.

The woman told the worker the father of the child kidnapped them. However, before the employee was able to take the child away from the couple, the man got the child and drove away. The man was identified as Levenski Crossty and the woman as Jessica Wilson. She then asked the employees to call 911 for her after the man drove away, Daily Mirror reported.

The incident took place last July 2016 and the video was played before a judge in the trial of Crossty. The problem of Wilson started when Crossty broke into her home where she and her four children lived. Wilson's youngest is the only child of Crossty with her. Prosecutors described the incident as a night of sheer terror for Wilson.

During that evening, it was also found out Wilson had bruises, two black eyes, a cut on her head, and a bite. Infidelity was said to be the reason why Crossty beat Wilson. Crossty was charged with felonious assault, abduction, kidnapping and theft.

The defense for Crossty said Wilson was intoxicated that is why he drove away with the kids. Crossty also reportedly dropped the children at the home of Wilson's father. No other court date has been issued yet.

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