Sandra Bullock Boyfriend Accused Of Violent Temper -- Is Her 3-Year-Old Son Safe?

By MV de Leon, Parent Herald September 09, 08:24 am

As news came out that Sandra Bullock is currently dating a gorgeous photographer and model, named Bryan Randall, fans and followers of the "Minions" actress breathe a collective sigh of relief as she now has a shot at a happily ever after. As sources claiming to be close to the actress and her new beau disclosed that the couple are enjoying each other's company and seem to be very much into their blossoming romance, reports are now surfacing that Randall might actually put Bullock and her son in danger.

According to the documents obtained by Radar Online, one of the neighbors of Randall sought the assistance of the authorities due to the violent temper and attack of the photographer in their home. The temporary restraining order, which was granted in 2012, had been issued against Randall in accordance with the request of John Stacer, a neighbor of Bullock's new boyfriend. The

"On the evening of 7/26/12 I was walking by and Bryan Randall confronted me about my dog defecating in the front of the building," said Stacer in the statement he gave to the police. Randall's neighbor added, "He was videotaping me and said, 'pick up your dog's s**t, a**hole.' He is a big guy and I was scared to go any closer so I called my dog back toward me and took him upstairs."

Stacer further shared that when he was about to return outdoors in an effort to follow the demand of Randall, he was alarmed by a "commotion" prior to the arrival of his girlfriend. When he checked on the issue, his girlfriend informed him that "there was (sic) feces spread in our doorway." Stacer went on to say, "I cleaned it up and she sent Bryan a message saying it was unacceptable what he did."

Upon confronting Randall about the matter, however, the photographer went on to allegedly threaten Stacer. Bullock's new beau allegedly told the neighbor that "he will see another side as soon as my kid is out of state" - a warning that alarmed Stacer as Randall's daughter will be leaving in 10 days. Hence, the flustered neighbor sought the help of the authorities by filing a police report and citing the criminal threats made against his person. Stacer shared, "I know he has guns and a notoriously erratic temper and I am scared of what he will do next, as his daughter will be gone come Sunday." While the temporary restraining order was granted, Stacer's attempts to seek more permanent measures were rejected by the courts.

Meanwhile, it looks like Randall and Bullock remain oblivious to the issue as Us Weekly reported that the two were spotted on a double date with newlyweds Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The four were seen at Bullock's Bess Bistro, which is known to serve meals inspired by Southern cuisine. 

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