New Hampshire Woman Refuses To Get Help While In Labor Unless Getting Heroin, Meth; Baby Now In State Custody

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 09, 11:12 am

A mother in New Hampshire faced charges after she asked to be administered with meth and heroin. She refused to get medical help while she was in labor unless she was given drugs.

The incident took place in September and it was stated that the information was released just now because authorities said they had to wait for the results of toxicology reports. Concord Police Lt. Sean Ford said the incident was a complete disregard for the value of human life and, "This case is just, honestly, absolutely appalling in my mind. No one died, but the risk to that child and to the mother. ... This stuff is just getting out of control."

The mother was identified as 29-year-old Felicia Farruggia and she was in full labor and was set to give birth to a baby boy in their home at Elmwood Avenue. Farruggia then asked her friend, 37-year-old Rhianna Frenette, to give her drugs or else she will not let them call 911. Frenette injected Farruggia with an unsanitary syringe after a second go when the first attempt was unsuccessful, CBS News reported.

Frenette told authorities that she knew what she did was wrong but contended she believed Farruggia would have injected herself with more drugs if she did not administer the drugs on her friend. Farruggia's boyfriend was also there but he was not arrested or charged.

An ambulance responded to the scene and while the emergency medical team members were in the process of placing her on the ambulance, they delivered the baby. They were rushed to Concord Hospital and were admitted there for several days. The baby was not given to her and was placed into state custody.

The child was in stable condition but was breathing rapidly. His urine tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine. Farruggia's urine also tested positive for those drugs as well as benzodiazepine, SF Gate reported.

The most recent child of Farruggia is not the only child of hers who is in state custody. Her other children are also not with her but the reasons behind that have not been disclosed. She was involved in a guardianship case of a minor that dated back in 2005.

Both Farruggia and Frenette were arrested only this week. They were charged with reckless conduct. The bail for the two women was set at $25,000.

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